Building the Eun Mara "Skerry"

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Building frame
Laminated frames
Stem post
Painting hull
Turning her over
Bilgeboards, cases and rails
Fitting out - general
Aft & cockpit
Rudder & tiller
Ballast & trailer
Launch day

Started June 2004

Last updated 30 December 2011 - Lots of photos of Bob's construction progress

As you've reached this page, you probably realise that I enjoy building wooden boats. Having built two dinghies (see Background) I started building an Iain Oughtred "Eun Mara" design in 2003. Eun Mara is a 6.1m (20') glued clinker ply canoe yawl that is described well in Dale's Alistego site.

Skerry was completed to the pre-rigging stage in August 2011 and was launched on 27th of that month...


When rigged she should look very like Islesburgh... 

I've created these pages in order to share my building experiences with like-minded people, particularly anyone who is building a Eun Mara. I'll update the content as time permits.

I'm located in Canberra, Australia. The construction is taking place in half of my garage and, as you will see if you visit some of the other pages, space is limited. I don't pretend to be a very experienced wooden boat builder, and certainly don't present these pages as a "how to" guide! I find it interesting to see how different people approach things in different ways, and I hope that my contribution at least broadens the pool of information available to Eun Mara builders. If nothing else, there might be a section on "Pitfalls of building a boat in a confined space"!

I recommend Dale's Alistego site to any prospective Eun Mara builder. Dale's pages have been a valuable reference during planning and building - "thank you", Dale.

There are several web-sites that include information or pictures of Eun Mara. Dale's site contains a good list of links. I've also started my own link list at the bottom of this page

My name is Richard Almond. Please feel free to contact me with comments, questions, or just to chat, at


Dale has kindly set up a Eun Mara builders' discussion group.

Inspired by Dale's (Alistego) site, I am happy to display any photographs of your Eun Mara project:

Ian in Dunedin, New Zealand, started his construction in April 2005 and launched in April 2008 - click here

Bob in Portland, Victoria, Australia, is building his Eun Mara in a seriously enviable workshop. Click here.

Alec, near Bermagui on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, launched Heather Mary in early February 2007. Click here for the photos!

Ron, yet another Australian builder, constructed his Eun Mara in Sydney and launched in March 2009. Click here to see the turning over, and some of the novel construction techniques he has used.

Edwin is building de Notedop in the Netherlands. Click here.

Here is a link to the Traditional Boat Squadron of the ACT (TBSA) for those who might be interested in boating in Canberra.

Trailers. When Skerry was nearing completion there were no boat trailer manufacturers near Canberra. Here are some useful links:

Skerry's trailer was designed and assembled by Trailer City in Rydalmere, Sydney. I found them helpful and easy to work with. The trailer has been much admired and so far has proved very serviceable.

I had initially tried Southcoast Trailers in Nowra, which is relatively convenient for Canberra, but at the time they were unresponsive to my inquiries. However they are now under new management and I have heard good reports from fellow boaters.

Bold Trailers in Caringbah, Sydney, specialise in trailer repairs, modifications, and renovations.