Building the Eun Mara "Skerry"

Skerry & friends at the Canberra Classic Boatfest, 22-24 April 2016

Eun Mara main

Over the weekend of 22-24 April 2016 Skerry (Richard, Canberra), Lizzie 3 (Ron, Sydney) and Morna (Bob, Portland, VIC) and crews had a great time at the Canberra Classic Boatfest. (Several of the photos from that link are replicated here for convenience.) "Crews" included Ian from New Zealand, who helped Bob out on Morna. We all thank the Traditional Boat Squadron, and in particular the organising committee, for holding this event. (And for laying on such great weather, though a few more breezes would have helped us sailors.)

The Boatfest was held in typically beautiful Canberra autumn weather. 24 boats, comprising elegant traditional launches, putt-putt launches, steam-boats, electric boats and traditionally rigged sailing boats came from near and far.

Canberra's local ABC TV news included a short segment on the Boatfest. Click or right-click a link to view or download the file in AVI format (37Mb), MP4 format (26Mb) or MOV format (20Mb). The clip is also viewable via YouTube.

Morna, Skerry and Lizzie 3 rigging at Lotus Bay. Alison and Liz keep an eye on proceedings.


Skerry, Lizzie 3 and Morna beaching at Lotus Bay.


Skerry and Lizzie 3 in West Basin in very light winds.


Morna managed to pick up a bit of a gust.



Another nice shot of Lizzie 3.


Commonwealth Avenue Bridge can be a worry for new players. I knew that Skerry's mast fitted through OK, and I'd left a reef in the main just in case the peak was too high. However, we played safe and John lowered it a touch before we went under.


Morna lowers her peak.


Room to spare. (It's very difficult to judge the clearance when you're sitting in the boat.)


Lizzie 3 and the National Library.


Skerry approaching Commonwealth Place.



A nice shot of Skerry and Lizzie 3, taken from Morna.


Skerry and Lizzie 3 approach Commonwealth Place jetty.


My daughter Maggie used her phone camera to take a great shot of the three boats.


Moored at Commonwealth Place.


Back at Lotus Bay for lunch.


Lizzie 3 and Morna snugged down for the night at the beach.