Building the Eun Mara "Skerry"

Laminated frames

Eun Mara main

This was my first ever laminating job, so definitelty a learning process. It proved to be easier than I had anticipated.

The laminations for the frames were cut from hoop pine, which I hoped would be fairly flexible. However, I had to make them closer to 4mm than the 6mm suggested in the building notes to enable them to bend sufficiently. No problem - I just used a few more.

I drew the shape of the frame directly on to the particle board from the plans, then lightly glued the blocks (located at the plank lands) to the board to hold them in place while they were screwed securely from the other side. This diagram just shows how the strategy was applied. In the final run there were many more clamps, and paper masking to stop glue getting on to board and blocks.

The work-surface is just a sheet of particle board braced underneath by a wooden beam. It sits on top of the old desk when I need it (sometimes secured with a large clamp), and stands on edge against a wall at other times. In my limited-space garage I have found this really useful for many light-weight jobs.

This picture of the stempost also shows the completed starboard frames on stations 3 and 4.