Eun Mara main


13 Jan 2008
17 Feb 2008

Ian sent these pictures on 13 Jan 2008, along with the following notes:

The light-coloured trim in the cabin is recycled NZ kauri, probably 100 years since it was cut.  The dark trim is kwila.  The side shelves in the cabin were a bit of an after-thought.  If I had planned them better, I would have put them an inch or so lower.  You can still stand a paperback book up in the forward end, under the mastbeams, or lie one flat anywhere else along them.  The holes in the bulkhead are for my Navman on the starboard side and the compass on the port side away from most of the electrics.  (They should have been 2" (50mm) higher, because of that mistake I made with the height of the bulkhead.)  It's a good thing the winch is non-magnetic.  My Garmin GPS72 is on a stainless steel gate hinge which will be screwed to the plywood plate above the stbd winch.  The GPS will be plugged into the socket on the switch panel.  There will be a box containing a 12v electric jug above the port winch.  There is a power socket just above the galley table, which will also be used for the solar panel.  The wires are in for the stern light (on the rudder ) and the VHF aerial on the after deck.   I have made the beams for the coachroof, and next will install the forward hatch, tabernacle and anchor box, coachroof, cockpit coamings, and trim, in that order.  I got the Wykeham Martin furler and swivel from Classic Marine in November.  It wasn't much dearer than the Ronstan equivalent.  The article in the November "Classic Boat" that Alan mentioned says the WM has improved bearings now.  I haven't taken mine apart to look but it certainly has a very smooth action.  It is made by Davey, which is available in Australia now.



Ian sent these pictures on 17 February 2008, along with the following notes:

Here are some nitty-gritty photos of my forehatch, tabernacle and anchor box. For the tabernacle, I went back to the sides I made at the same time as the mast-beam knees, with an overall height of 18" and the pivot 15" above the deck. Any higher would have put it too close to the boom, I thought. The anchor box is lined with fibreglass cloth and Norski Epoxy Carborundum, the same as I put along the keel instead of a metal strip. I am working on the cabin roof now. I made the beams about a month ago.